01. Pol Pot was one of the most [notorious] tyrants of modern history, responsible for the massacre of millions of the people of his country.
02. Washington has long been [notorious] for its high rates of violent crime.
03. The administration is [notoriously] slow in dealing with safety concerns raised by the employees.
04. The mail service in this country is [notoriously] inefficient; it sometimes takes longer to send a letter to someone 50 miles away than to someone who lives at the other end of the country.
05. The university has a [notorious] reputation for its wild student parties.
06. The bar known as "The Square" is [notorious] as a meeting place for drug dealers and prostitutes.
07. The President's advisor has been linked to figures within the country's [notorious] drug cartel.
08. The brains of Britain's most [notorious] murderers are being studied by scientists for signs of abnormalities.
09. Earthquakes have always been [notoriously] difficult to predict.
10. The nickname of Mary I, Queen of England (1553-58), was "Bloody Mary" because of her [notorious], violent persecution of Protestants.
11. Mary Anne Nichols, Martha Turner, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, and Catherine Eddowes were London prostitutes who were murdered and dismembered by the [notorious] "Jack the Ripper" in the autumn of 1888.
12. James Feibleman once suggested that it is better to be famous than [notorious], but better to be [notorious] than obscure.
13. She gained [notoriety] as one of the President's advisors during the scandal that drove him from office.
14. Jamaican politics has acquired a [notorious] reputation for bringing violence to the streets of this island nation.
15. In 1953, the [notorious] British murderer John Christie was sentenced to death for killing six women.
16. Ancient Rome was [notorious] for its sewage-filled streets.
17. Studies suggest that estimates of the number of child workers worldwide are [notoriously] unreliable.
18. The Gestapo was [notorious] throughout Europe for its ruthless efficiency.

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